What flooring to choose for a child’s room?

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What flooring to choose for a child’s room?

Parents pay special attention to the type of furniture and accessories when decorating their child’s room. They want to create a space where the child will feel comfortable and, above all, safe

Room arrangement is not only a choice of furniture and wall colors. It is important to take care of the area where the child spends most of its time, i.e. properly selected flooring

Many mothers and fathers wonder which floor is the best choice for their child’s room. It is important that it has the appropriate approvals and safety certificates. It is important that the flooring material is scratch-resistant and easy to keep clean. A good solution for infants is a soft floor, where they can learn to take their first steps

Flooring for children’s room

Before deciding what kind of flooring will go in our child’s room, it’s worth analyzing a few aspects. First and foremost, you need to put safety first. It doesn’t matter whether your child is just learning to crawl or is already going to school. At any age, children love to play on the floor. Before buying it , you should check whether the material it is made of has the appropriate approvals

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The floor should also be easy to keep clean and resistant to writing with crayons or spilling a glass with juice. Accidents and crazy ideas are the domain of small children and can’t be avoided. However, you can choose a floor that will make your life easier and allow your children to experience their childhood in a carefree way

Types of children’s room flooring

  1. Laminate panels

Panels are the most common choice for living rooms, bedrooms and children’s rooms. Laminated panels will protect the floor from damage, scratches and dents when a heavy object falls. It is a cheap solution, very easy to install. There are colourful panels dedicated to children’s rooms available in the offers of DIY stores

  1. Wooden floor

Placing natural wooden planks in the children’s room is a very good investment. It’s a material that looks very nice in any room, plus it’s eco-friendly and safe. It is worth noting that wooden floors are usually very durable and do not deteriorate after a few years of use. This is a great solution especially for parents of little allergy sufferers, wooden flooring does not attract dust to itself because it does not electrify. Another great advantage is that wood doesn’t absorb water, but gives it off in the form of water vapour, so it provides the right amount of humidity. With a wooden floor, however, you should check several times that there are no splinters sticking out anywhere. The most popular are wooden floors made of oak or ash

  1. Carpeting

Carpeting is the cheapest of all presented solutions. Many parents choose it, because it makes the floor soft and suitable for children’s games. A great advantage of coverings is the fact that they absorb falls, so it is a great space for playing. The most recommended carpets for children’s rooms are those with a short and dense pile. Another significant advantage of carpets is that they are always warm, so children can walk on them barefoot. Unfortunately, carpets require frequent and regular vacuuming. It is also more difficult to remove spilled drinks and food from them

  1. Carpets

Very often parents decide to put a carpet in the children’s room. Such an addition works well on both laminate and wooden floors. In a natural way, it will determine the child’s corner for games and play. A rug in the room adds coziness to the interior and can be a great way to cushion falls. Be sure to match the size of the rug to the size of the room

It should not be under large and heavy furniture, as this makes it difficult to clean. Colorful rugs with interesting patterns or prints are ideal for children’s rooms

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