Air conditioner as an air purifier?

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Air conditioner as an air purifier?

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Can an air conditioner, associated solely with the function of cooling, also act as an air purifier? Check what modern air conditioning models offer.

Usually in the autumn and winter we have to deal with deteriorating air quality. On the market we have many devices that serve to improve this quality, such as air purifiers. But is it worth buying a special device to filter and purify the air, when we can have such a function in the air conditioner? Modern air conditioners more and more often have additional functions not only related to cooling or heating – it can also be air filtration, which improves the quality of air in the room.

Air conditioner – cools, heats and filters

The air conditioner was created to cool rooms, but often such a device can also help during the heating season. If the device is equipped with the right filters, it can also act as an air purifier. If you are considering buying a purifier and an air conditioner, consider whether it is worth buying just one device. The ANDE brand available on the market offers air conditioners equipped with special filters to help purify the air, perhaps this will be the perfect solution for the upcoming autumn and winter season.

Air conditioner as a purifier


For an air conditioner to act as a purifier it should have the right types of filters.

Here are some examples

  • air filter – standard equipment of the air conditioner, removing dust and dust;
  • air-purifying filters to remove odors and fine particles;
  • antibacterial filters – designed to remove and neutralize bacteria, viruses, mites.

The particles that make up smog are so small that not every filter is able to catch them. However, the ANDE brand of air conditioners has a solution in the form of special filters that help trap pollutants in the air. All ANDE models are equipped with an antibacterial filter and a PM 2.5 filter, which removes 99.9% of pollutants, including those we encounter during the “smog” season.

In addition to the standard filters, the manufacturer allows you to buy additional filters such as those with activated carbon, 3-in-1, with vitamin C or with silver ions.



Another way to improve indoor air quality is the ionizer. It produces negative ions that are good for your health, removes odors and harmful substances by chemically reacting with polluted particles. However, all models of air conditioners in the ANDE range have a built-in air ionizer, making them even better at improving the condition of the air.

Energy consumption

In addition to air-purifying features, it’s worth thinking about energy consumption. When you buy an air purifier, you run the risk of incurring additional operating costs. However, ANDE air conditioners, thanks to built-in and additional features, can cool, heat, purify air with very low energy consumption

Thanks to the BLDC compressor fan motors, they achieve energy class A++ (Queen A+++ model)

Importantly, all models of ANDE air conditioners work with the latest environmentally friendly refrigerant R32, which is characterized by increased energy efficiency, safety of use and low toxicity. As a result, it does not damage the ozone layer and has a very low greenhouse effect.

Find the perfect model for you

The company offers four series of home, wall-mounted air conditioners with different functions to suit your needs – safe for children and allergy sufferers. Whatever the weather conditions, you can have the perfect indoor temperature, especially before the upcoming heating season.

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