Why Do You Need a Table Runner?

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Why Do You Need a Table Runner?
A table is an essential element of most living spaces and can serve many functions. The main function of a table is for people to sit down and eat or work. Table linens can make the difference between an aesthetically pleasing or displeasing table. They not only add to the beauty of a table, but they protect the surface and can provide some soundproofing as well. Lovely linen will give you both stiffness and sheen while adding unparalleled quality to your dining space.

Table Runners 

Table Runners come in handy when wanting to add decorative detail to those empty surfaces – most often seen on dining or coffee/side-tables without much other decoration. Table runners are long pieces of fabric used atop the tablecloth (or place mat) covering the table’s surface, either adding colour or just protecting it from wear – making sure your favourite wood isn’t subject to spills or water damage! 

Linen Table Runner 

Clothe your table with linen table runners that set the tone and moods for each occasion. Linen table runners are perfect for everyday eating, but can also be used to dress up any meal – just add place mats, and you’ll have a new look every time. Brighten up your tables with an array of vibrant colours.

Table Runner – Shapes

Table runners are marketed in various shapes and designs for different types of tables that make up average household furnishings. Most table runners are rectangular and slender, designed to start at one side of the table and then continue on until it reaches the other end. They can either stop before reaching the ends or spill over onto each side’s edge. These products come as single items or paired with place mats and cloth napkins. Purchasing these products can be done online, but they’re also available through speciality stores (either independently operated or through retail chains). With so many options out there, you can find practically anything from a tapered-shaped pattern to circular ones filled with fringes along its edges; decorative tassels; even an oval-shaped design combined with crocheted lace patterns.

Designs – Table Runner

Table runners are decorative items primarily used to cover tables and make them part of the décor. This includes plain monochromatic table runners, geometric shapes, checks, floral designs, ethnic prints; or even modern shapes (which we think might just be some of the best-looking ones). 

And though each has a unique pattern or style to it—whether you prefer colourful stripes or muted earth tones—whatever you choose should match the colour scheme already present in your room.


Parties and every day meals can be a little daunting when it comes to decorating the table. You don’t want everything to seem cluttered, but also want to make sure that things stay tidy, which is where place mats come in handy! Linen table runners allow you to give your dishes a designated space while still protecting the surface of your tables at home or work – and they’re easy on your ears too; reducing plate noise significantly!

main photo: unsplash.com/Hannah Busing
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