Canvas print or painting – what to choose for your wall?

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Canvas print or painting – what to choose for your wall?

In recent years, canvas prints have become increasingly popular, as they are cheaper and more accessible compared to traditional paintings. Check if this is the solution for you!

When you can’t afford a master painting

A canvas print is an excellent option for decorating your wall with the work of your favorite painter. The prices of paintings by famous artists reach exorbitant amounts that most people cannot afford. In addition, works by well-known painters are relatively rare at auctions. So what to do if you like the work of Leonardo da Vinci or Frida Kahlo? Buying reproductions is a good option. In particular, consider purchasing a canvas print.

Canvas print – what is it?

Wondering what a canvas print is? It’s a painting, a photo, a design (in fact, anything can be printed on a canvas) that has been printed on a specially prepared canvas. Our goal here is not to explain the technical issues and approximate the whole process, but we would like to emphasize that a high-quality canvas print looks like a real picture painted with paints by a painter.

Advantages of printing on canvas 

Canvas printing is increasingly popular, so we can easily find a company that will undertake our project. However, it is worth paying attention to the quality of workmanship of their previous implementations to be sure that we will receive a top quality product that will meet our expectations. 

A high-quality canvas print:

  • is aesthetically attractive – the print looks like a painting painted by an artist (we have a choice of matte or semi-gloss finish versions),
  • is durable and resistant to moisture (you don’t have to worry about damage during properly conducted cleaning),
  • does not fade – some manufacturers declare full color saturation for as long as 20 years,
  • does not change shape over time – proper mounting on a stretcher bar and high-quality canvas are a guarantee of shape retention.

Canvas print or painting?

Whether it is better to hang a painting or a canvas print on the wall depends on several factors. First of all, you need to consider what you want to put on the painting or print. If you want to use family photos for this, for example, then a canvas print will be a surer option than ordering a painting painted from a photo (we exclude the situation, of course, if you have a proven artist who can faithfully paint people from a photo).

If you want to hang a reproduction of a well-known work on your wall, in that case, too, a canvas print is a less risky solution.

For many, however, a canvas print is just an imitation of a painting. Therefore, if you count yourself among this group and care about prestige, then it is worth looking at the offer to sell paintings. The works of lesser-known contemporary painters are not very expensive, and you can find gems among them – works that will match our expectations in climate and style.

A picture painted by an artist can also be a good way to invest money. However, in this case, in order to limit the risk and be able to expect a certain profit, it is necessary to bet on an already known name and not to act rashly. Discernment of the subject is key in this case.

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