Timeless white on the wall – a simple decorative solution

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Timeless white on the wall – a simple decorative solution

White walls fit perfectly into both traditional and modern interiors. There are no restrictions here. Pure white with its timeless elegance will add a touch of chic to even the craziest of arrangements.

After the bright shades promoted in recent years, white rooms look fashionable and stylish. White is associated with good taste and class. It makes a space look fresh and chic. And you can easily liven it up with the right accessories!

How to arrange a white living room?

White walls and a light floor are the perfect background for all your decorating experiments. However, nothing stands in the way of emphasizing only the shades and textures of this color. Such an arrangement always looks fashionable and elegant. Natural materials fit perfectly into it. Opt for linen fabrics, wool blankets and sophisticated light fixtures. This will bring a cozy atmosphere to the interior.

If you like modern spaces, a white living room can feature self-leveling polymer flooring, lacquered furniture and simple decorations. You can also decorate the room completely in white, but diversify it in terms of textures and shades. Mix fluffy and silky fabrics, smooth and thick textures, hard and soft surfaces. Imagine in one room matte walls, a shiny floor, thick velvet cushions on a leather sofa, a wool rug on the floor and a Japanese tissue paper lamp. Even a white space can delight with variety.

What curtains go with white walls?

Soften the white with texture. Remember that fabrics have different qualities, depending on the texture. Rough fibers of cotton, linen and wool look natural. If you like luxurious, sophisticated solutions, opt for velvet and silk. Dark curtains, on the other hand, contrast wonderfully with white walls. Black and white background is elegant and timeless. If you are afraid of black, choose a darker shade of blue or graphite

If you like bold styling, another idea should appeal to you: bring a touch of nonchalance to a white interior with a patterned curtain. Some designers combine simple Scandinavian style with organic motifs. If you love calm patterns, choose a small, neutral print or try an ombre fabric

Elegant and cozy carpet

Rugs help accentuate a cohesive interior design. They come in different colors, styles and sizes. A nice blue rug goes well with a white interior. Or choose a dark grey wool rug. Make sure the pile is medium long. This makes it quick and easy to clean. Carpets come in different sizes, so they fit perfectly into your home.

When choosing a rug, take into account the amount of light coming into the room. For example, a cream carpet may appear brighter if there are several windows in the room. On the other hand, if you only have one window, a cream carpet will often resemble khaki.

A trendy and practical sofa

When choosing a sofa, make sure that it blends nicely with the armchairs, coffee table, plants and artwork. White, gray, blue, beige and green sofas are very popular. A white sofa is unique and sophisticated. Yes, it’s a bold choice – and a bit risky if a small accident happens – but it looks striking. If you have small children or pets, swap the white sofa for a grey one. This piece of furniture fits perfectly into both rustic and industrial interiors

How to warm up a white room?

Do you want to warm up a white interior? Then place some potted plants. If you stick to a neutral palette, choose beige, gray-brown, sand, cream or white pots. This will enhance the harmonious interior design

Natural wood goes well with white. If you want to warm up the space, skip the whitewashed and gray wood. Instead, opt for warmer tones

On the other hand, metallic accents, such as copper and brass, will not only warm up the interior, but also introduce a touch of luxury. Sometimes all it takes is the right table frame to make a room feel more sophisticated and glamorous. A functional room lamp in the corner or a collection of candles on a side table will liven up your living room wonderfully.

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