How to choose a bookshelf?

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How to choose a bookshelf?

Books exposed in the interior will always be within reach, and their colorful covers will turn out to be an additional decoration of the arrangement. It is worth choosing a convenient shelf for the volumes, which will make storing many titles easier. Find out what to look for when choosing a piece of furniture for books.

Bookshelf: standing or hanging?

You can expose your favourite books on both a standing and a hanging shelf. A piece of furniture in the form of a bookcase, for example an openwork one, will be good in larger apartments. A hanging shelf, on the other hand, will be a better solution for a small studio apartment – it will allow you to display a few favourite titles, while leaving space underneath for a chest of drawers to store other items. The choice between a standing and hanging bookshelf should be made taking into account the size of your apartment.

Also consider the number of books. A large collection will look great on a large bookcase. However, if you do not have space for such a piece of furniture, decide on hanging a long shelf where the books you like and reach for most often will be placed, and place the rest in a chest of drawers or a closet.

Choose a bookshelf to match your décor

A wide selection of bookshelves makes it easy to fit this piece of furniture into your interior design. When choosing a piece of furniture, take into account not only its color, but also the material. In a rustic interior a shelf made of dark wood placed on black brackets, which can hold even heavy books, and also will be a decoration.

Image by Kathrin Pienaar from Pixabay

Industrial interior will be complemented by a metal hanging shelf in black color. The furniture will look great against a brick wall, which is a characteristic element of lofts. The openwork bookcase with metal construction, which is complemented with wooden shelves, will also fit to the room arranged in industrial style.

A white shelf in a form of a board fixed to the wall will allow you to complete both Scandinavian and modern interiors. The arrangement will also be diversified by a piece of furniture in the form of a circle or several connected hexagons. A modern and Scandinavian interior will be well presented by a white openwork bookcase, a part of which you can use for books, and the remaining free space can be filled with textile boxes. This piece of furniture can be used as a partition, for example separating a place to work in the living room.

A piece of furniture in the form of a wooden chest of drawers with milled fronts and decorative handles will work well in a classic arrangement. On the top of the model you can put books, and in the drawers you will find space for other items, such as documents. The chest will be suitable for both small and spacious apartments. A display cabinet will also look great in an elegant interior – books placed behind glass will remain visible.

Bookshelf – in which room should it be placed?

A bookshelf is useful in various rooms, but it is best to place it in the living room. In this spacious room you can fit a large number of volumes. In the arrangement of the living room, you can use a bookcase built into the wall or a hanging shelf for a few major titles.

The living room will turn out to be the best place for books, but you can also find space for volumes in other rooms. A bed with a headboard and shelves where you can put the titles you are currently reading and those you like to return to often will work well in a bedroom. There is also a place for books in the kitchen where you can keep your favorite recipes within reach. If you have a study at home, use it to store titles useful at work.

Bookshelf – how to make it yourself?

Shelves available in stores do not meet your expectations? Make the furniture yourself in a few moments. To work you will need an angle bracket – thanks to it you will get the effect of an invisible shelf. One of the books you need to devote to making the base of the levitating furniture. Insert into it the longer part of the angle bracket and glue it with double-sided tape. Then fix the whole thing to the wall – for this purpose use screws. Place the number of books on the construction, so that it covers the angle bracket. The invisible shelf will look good in modern, Scandinavian and minimalist arrangements.

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