What is important in choosing a sink?

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What is important in choosing a sink?

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The sink is an important element in every kitchen. It should be, above all, comfortable to use, but also aesthetic. Read this text to find out how to choose the best one

Proper dimensions

When buying a sink, you need to consider its dimensions first of all. They also depend on its shape, of course. Usually, the rectangular one is chosen, but there are also other types, such as corner ones. You have to choose the size of the sink that will suit your kitchen design. When choosing its dimensions, think about how often you will use it and for what purposes. Consider whether you need any additional features. For example, a drainer, a special overlay, soap and dishwashing liquid dispensers or a hot plate

If you cook often or have a large family, it is better to choose a slightly larger model. A special compartment for washing fruits and vegetables can also be useful. If you have a small kitchen, it’s worth choosing a sink without a drainer. Wet dishes can then be put on a drying rack placed on the countertop or in one of the cabinets. If you often use a dishwasher, you can also buy a smaller version, such as one bowl only. Also pay attention to the depth of the sink when you buy it. This is an often overlooked aspect, but it is extremely important

Choice of material

There are plenty of materials available on the market for sinks. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it is worth learning a little more about them. Sinks with mixer taps made of different materials can be found in many stores. The very popular and relatively inexpensive ones are those made of stainless steel. You can find a variety of sinks that are made of stainless steel, but they are slowly being replaced by other models. However, they are still practical and very versatile. They usually come in silver and can have a shiny or matte finish. Stainless steel is suitable for any type of installation. However, you have to remember that by being a cheaper option, scratches appear on it faster

Another material is granite. This is a solution that is now in fashion. Such sinks are available in many colors, even custom ones. A big plus is that you can fit them into the design of any kitchen. They are resistant to damage and often come with a multi-year warranty. Another plus is that they are easy to keep clean. As for the downsides, they show any dirt more and dirt collects more easily. You should also not put hot dishes on granite. The most expensive option is the ceramic sink. For this reason, it is not as common. However, of the versions mentioned, it is also the most durable. It does not get discolored and is resistant to any mechanical injuries, such as scratches

Mounting method and location

The most practical and popular option is to place the sink between the refrigerator and the stove. Then it is convenient to prepare meals if you still have some work surface next to it. However, you need to adjust the place to your convenience so that it is easiest for you to use it. You can also ask other household members for their opinion and together come to a sensible agreement. For a variety of reasons, there are also distinctive ways to install such sinks. One of them is to build it in. This is by far the most common method. There are also undermount sinks that are mounted from the bottom. You can also overlay such a sink on a cabinet without a countertop. Also, think about how to mount the faucet

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