How to choose the size of the bed for the size of the room?

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How to choose the size of the bed for the size of the room?

Sleeping in comfort is the basis of recovery after a hard day. So it is worth taking care of the right conditions in the bedroom and a comfortable bed. See how to choose its size to the size of the room.

Bed size and room size

Many people who decorate a bedroom have a dilemma about what size bed to choose in order to sleep comfortably. Making a decision is especially troublesome if our bedroom is small in size. Then we often give up on wide beds so that we can move freely around the room when we also set up other necessary furniture, such as a closet for clothes, a chest of drawers or a dressing table. So how do you choose the size of the bed for the size of the room? You will find the answer in the rest of the article.

The most popular bed sizes

In furniture stores you can find beds in many, often even heavily customized sizes. Are you a very tall person and need a bed whose length will be longer than the standard 200 cm? You will certainly find such. Do you love sleeping in huge beds? Quite a few stores offer beds with dimensions of 240×200 cm. 

Although the choice of beds in these less popular sizes is quite large, the most popular sizes are:

  • 140×200 cm,
  • 160×200 cm,
  • 180×200 cm.

Is a 140 cm wide bed enough?

Wondering if a 140×200 cm double bed is definitely a good idea? There is no definite answer here, and in this case it is best to say “it depends”. If you like the closeness of the other person while sleeping, sleep rather peacefully (no kicking, no waving of hands) and do not assume that a child or a dog will also come to your bed, then a 140 cm wide bed may be a good solution. Such a small bed will work especially well in an undersized bedroom. However, remember to choose a wide enough comforter for even a small bed. Just because the bed is 140 cm wide does not mean that the quilt has to be the same size. If you opt for a quilt that is 180 or even 200 cm wide, you will sleep more comfortably. You will appreciate this especially on cold winter nights.

How to choose the size of the bed for the size of the bedroom?

Although it seems obvious that the size of the bed must be matched to the size of the bedroom, there is no specific formula on how to do this. Instead, it is possible to suss out some tips on how to get a satisfactory bedroom arrangement. When choosing a bed size, consider:

  • the square footage of your bedroom – putting a huge bed in a small bedroom will not be the best idea, as you may run out of space for other furniture. Moving around the room can be severely hampered if you leave too little free space between the furniture;
  • other furniture that you necessarily want to put in the bedroom – some people choose to put in the bedroom only a bed and a closet for clothes, others also want to put in a dressing table, nightstands or a chest of drawers. Therefore, before you choose the size of the bed, consider what kind of furniture you want in your bedroom;
  • the preferences of the household members – if children often also sleep in your bed, it is better to choose a slightly larger bed, so that everyone can sleep in comfort.

Before you buy the bed, outline on a piece of paper the arrangement of the furniture (or even better – tape the outlines of the planned furniture on the bedroom floor with painter’s tape) and mark the dimensions of the free spaces between the furniture. Such a simple procedure will allow you to assess whether the planned arrangement will be comfortable and functional.

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