Where to put toys? Tidying up your child’s room

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Where to put toys? Tidying up your child’s room

A large number of children’s toys can create a sense of chaos. There are accessories to help you keep things under control. Read our article and find out where to put your toys.

Multi-functional furniture to store toys in

A child’s room has many functions, so keeping it tidy can be tricky. Colorful mascots, remote-controlled cars, dolls, books – you need to find a place for each of these things. Otherwise, the room will be in disarray all the time, and the necessary items will become difficult to find. Furniture, which can serve two functions at the same time, will help you to control the chaos.

Toys should be hidden in such a way that the child has easy access to them. Thanks to this, your child will be able to use their favourite accessories at any time, and at the same time colourful dolls or controlled cars will not give the impression of clutter. Easy access to toys will be provided by a bed with drawers. This piece of furniture is perfect for small rooms. You can also opt for a traditional model of bed, under which transparent boxes filled with toys will fit. The transparent material will make it easier to look for the needed doll or mascot.

A bed on a mezzanine will also be perfect. The lower part of the furniture can be covered with curtains – this way you’ll create a sort of tent for your child, which will be a perfect place for toys. Behind the partition you can place a blanket, lighting and a low bookcase with pull-out containers.

An openable pouffe is another piece of furniture that will serve two functions. It will serve as a comfortable seat and its interior will accommodate mascots. The pouffe will also work well for storing puzzles and board games.

Storing toys on hanging shelves

You can leave some of the toys and books on hanging shelves. You can easily make them yourself from a piece of sanded board and metal brackets. Paint the shelf in the color of your choice using child-safe enamel paint. Choose a paint with the lowest possible VOC content. Want the toys on the shelves to be out of sight? Mount the boards near the window so they’ll be hidden behind curtains and won’t interfere with the interior design.

Instead of a board, you can also fix boxes to the wall to make room for more mascots. Wooden containers can also be placed on the floor. They will be more comfortable if you attach wheels to them. When choosing a crate, make sure that the gaps between individual boards are small. This way, the container made of natural material will also work well for storing smaller toys.

Ways to organize blocks

Legos are one of those toys that are found in almost every home. You can easily solve the problem of organizing them with an openwork bookcase. Fill this piece of furniture with fabric boxes to put the blocks in. Put the names of the colors on the boxes to make it easier for your child to find them.

For sorting blocks you can use an organizer for workshop accessories, for example screws. You can easily glue the names of the pieces to the plastic drawers, dividing them by series, color, or any other way your child finds convenient. You can make the cards yourself, but using a label printer will also work well.

If there are not many blocks and you do not need to separate them, decide to use a large piece of fabric. It can even be a colored sheet. Spread it out on the floor, place all the blocks on it, and then tie it with a thick jute rope. So hidden toys can stand in a prominent place, because the pattern visible on the material will be an additional decoration of the room.

To store blocks and other toys will also work well containers, for example made of felt. Different colors and sizes make it easy to match the size and design of your room. A toy bin can be made not only of felt, but also of cotton twill, wicker or plastic.

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