Vegetable garden on the balcony – how to create your own garden in the city center?

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Vegetable garden on the balcony – how to create your own garden in the city center?

Many people dream of living closer to nature, but if work or other commitments do not allow it, then it is worth looking for alternative solutions. One of them is to start a garden in the city on the balcony

A small garden or vegetable garden can be started by anyone, even on your balcony or windowsill. Plants give endless possibilities for arrangement and are very impressive. A balcony or apartment interior overgrown with ornamental and edible plants gains a completely different character. In this article we will give you some examples and tips that should help you to set up your own vegetable garden in the city center

Which plants to choose for the balcony?

Of course, vegetables on the balcony can be combined with other plants. Flowers, interesting vines and even small shrubs can be arranged relatively easily on a small balcony. There’s no set rule and, as always, everything should be adapted to your taste and possibilities. In addition to the decorative value of the plants, you can also look at pots

DIY and garden stores as well as various online stores offer a very wide range of models. Fans of communist style can choose colorful covers for their ferns or fuchsias, as well as oblong pots for tomatoes. Those who appreciate minimalism will certainly pay attention to exotic rhizomes, monstera and complement them with a rich collection of fresh herbs to add to the salad. First of all, on the balcony, it is necessary to take into account the sunlight. Growing vegetables is not that complicated at all, you just need to know the basics, such as what conditions you need to meet in order for the root system to develop properly.

Plants have different preferences – some feel and develop best in full, intense light, while others prefer partial shade. Pansies, begonias and surfinias thrive in bright sunlight, while geraniums, hellebores and ornamental grasses require more shade. You should check this information on the label or consult a sales assistant in the store. The moisture level is just as important

It is also worth predicting whether you have space in your home to hide perennials or perennial plants for the winter. If not, this will also be an important point that will narrow down the list of available plants.

Vegetable garden on the balcony – what to choose?

Do you want to grow vegetables on your balcony? While creating your own vegetable garden on your balcony may seem difficult and complicated at first, it is actually not so at all. When setting up your own corner with crops, you should choose plants that will be useful in the kitchen. These are, of course, popular aromatic herbs that will enrich the taste of any attitude

When it comes to growing vegetables, try growing your own basil, oregano, thyme, savory or rosemary. You can sow them straight from seed or buy a ready-made bush from the store and transplant them into a pot. Your balcony vegetable garden should also include tomatoes, of course. To start with, it’s best to choose cherry tomatoes – they grow faster and are much less demanding than other varieties

What else can we grow? For more advanced gardeners we also recommend lettuce, radishes and cucumbers. Many people also forget about the various parsley, dill, chives and carrot leaves. They are all edible, delicious and very healthy. Just water them regularly and then enjoy the harvest. Spring onions are also suitable for growing on the balcony.

A vegetable garden in the city – a summary

A balcony filled to the brim with colorful plants becomes an interesting, charming place. Especially in summer, when it’s warm, having your morning coffee among the flowers or eating homegrown tomatoes for breakfast gives you great pleasure.

The key to success is persistence and choosing the right plants for your ability and the degree of sunlight on your balcony. In this way, you can quite easily determine which flowers, fruit and vegetables you can grow on your own balcony and which you can’t. It’s definitely worth trying to grow your own, albeit cherry tomatoes, a variety of sprouts or herbs such as basil and rosemary. Your own garden has many advantages

Contact with greenery calms, which can be very important, living in a dynamic city. Caring for plants helps you to calm down and find balance. Especially for families, it can have an additional educational value – children will learn about how food is produced and how to eat healthy

Growing vegetables on your balcony can not only be great fun, but also a source of providing essential vitamins to you and your family!

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