Replacement windows – what should I keep in mind?

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Replacement windows – what should I keep in mind?

New windows will change the interior, but first of all they will improve the comfort of your home. Before the replacement it is worth to know the possible solutions. We suggest what parameters of windows you should pay attention to before starting the installation work.

Determine your needs

Windows are not replaced very often so it is worth to think over the choice of windows before the renovation begins. Before you go to the salesroom think not only about the color or material but also about additional facilities. Do you want anti-burglary windows? They will be useful on the first floor, but on the first floor you will rather not need them. Warm windows will improve the thermal insulation of the building, but you don’t need them in an unheated garage.

Also think about whether you need concealed blinds or awning blinds. The shutter will provide additional protection from the sun’s harsh rays. Windows will be much safer for children if you opt for a keyed handle.

Replacing windows is also associated with refreshing the appearance of the interior. Popular are anthracite-coloured models, which go well with white facades. A timeless solution are wooden windows – they come in different shades of brown, so you can easily match them to your needs. They can be made of natural material, but there are also plastic models available with a veneer that imitates wood.

Check the parameters

The right window parameters will ensure the comfort of your home. Pay special attention to the thermal insulation. Choose windows that are distinguished by a low coefficient of heat transfer – it is defined as Uw. This will reduce heat loss, which translates into a reduction of expenses for heating the building. The Uw value should not be higher than 1.1 W/(m2.K).

The sound insulation index Rw is another parameter you should pay attention to, especially if you live near a busy street. It is given in decibels, and the higher the value, the better protection of the building from outside noise. Standard windows have an Rw of 30 dB, but you can also find models with a 45 dB coefficient. The tightness is also important and is specified by classes from 1A to 9A. A higher number means that the window is tighter.

Choose the right material

For the comfort of use, but also the appearance of the building and the interior is important the material of the windows, which can be made of wood, aluminum and PVC. Each solution has its advantages and disadvantages. Wooden windows are more expensive but also more durable if you take care of them properly. They will prove expensive to install because they are heavy. The advantage of wooden windows is the possibility of easy renovation – after repainting they look like new. PVC models sometimes turn yellow, although this is becoming less common nowadays. You can cover them with paint, but the effect will not be satisfactory. However, plastic windows are very popular because they are cheap.

Aluminum windows are chosen primarily for public buildings. They are light and durable, as well as resistant to changing temperatures. Aluminium profiles can be narrow, which affects the enlargement of the glazing, and thus better illumination of the interior. Aluminium windows are cold to the touch and slightly less thermally insulated than wooden models.

Match the windows to the arrangement

When planning a window replacement, consider both the interior of your home and the appearance of the building from the outside. Window frames should match the color of the garage door and the door. On the interior, make sure the windows coordinate with the door sashes.

Window colors are varied these days, so you can easily find woodwork that complements the interior of your home and property. Among others, there are white models with narrow frames – they are a solution for Scandinavian arrangements. If you are planning a rustic décor, look for brown wood windows that will match the furnishings made of natural material. Modern space will be complemented by anthracite colored windows, which are worth composing with the roof and gate in the same color. If you want to decorate the house in the industrial style, also bet on dark gray. Lofts are worth diversifying with windows with muntins, or slats, which divide the glazing into several parts.

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