Grey furniture for the kitchen – TOP 6 inspirations

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Grey furniture for the kitchen – TOP 6 inspirations

Grey furniture in the kitchen does not have to look gloomy. In the right arrangement will look phenomenal, modern and stylish. They fit into any interior, they are even universal. This time we will look at 6 scenes of gray furniture in the kitchen.

1. Grey everywhere

How about a whole kitchen in shades of gray? They will go great with walls of the same color. Remember to choose darker bottoms and lighter tops for the bottom cabinets, which will optically relieve pressure on the upper floors and make the whole look lighter. Such an arrangement will suit well-lit rooms, preferably with access to daylight.

2. Grey and steel

Stylization will gain elegance, when the upper part of furniture will be in gray color, and the rest in darker one, and the whole will be provided with steel, silver or chrome accessories, for example handles, lamps. Everything will certainly gain an interesting character and will shine.

3. Grey and glass

Glass table top, large ceramic lamps (maybe a modern cooker hood?), gray furniture fronts with glass inserts showing cabinet contents, induction ceramic plate. Glass will give the whole interior an unusual elegance, especially in a large open space.

4. Grey and white

White will never go out of fashion, it is always fashionable and chic, optically enlarging the space, which is worth using especially in small kitchens. Maybe white tiles on the wall? They will harmonize wonderfully with gray. Grey furniture can be trimmed with white or attached in the form of cabinets, countertop or low-hanging lamps. An interesting idea is gray paintings on the wall in thick white frames. This way the furnishings will not seem too dark, white will brighten up the whole space.

5. Grey and wood

Wood will warm up any kitchen; for example, grey furniture combined with a wooden worktop or handles and other accessories. A great idea is to put a countertop in a light shade with clear grains, which will provide an additional decorative element. Or maybe something with a loft character? Walls with elements of red bricks or glass panels imitating them.

6. Grey and black

Will black in combination with gray be too dark? Not if we combine it with light shade of gray. White, just like black, allows for a modern look in any kitchen. How about granite worktops? Black appliances? They will certainly add depth. Additional variety can be achieved by varying the texture or color in the upper and lower parts of the furniture.

It turns out that gray furniture does not have to be boring at all. They blend well with the palette of other colors available in our kitchen, making it much easier to match them with equipment and accessories. Chrome, wooden, black or white elements will add a refined style to the whole interior. Gray furniture can be extremely modern not only in these 6 arrangements, many ideas will give us our imagination

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