Interest in building wooden houses is growing

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Interest in building wooden houses is growing

Wooden houses are becoming more and more popular in Poland. The industry is developing very dynamically. As research shows, we are more and more willing to choose wooden houses, both year-round and holiday homes. Check why it is worth choosing such a solution.

Elegant and functional timber frame houses

Wood is an organic, hygroscopic and anisotropic material. It has thermal, acoustic, aesthetic and functional properties. As we know, many materials change size and volume when exposed to temperature. However, wood practically does not expand under the influence of heat

When heated (not excessively to flammable temperature, of course) it dries and becomes even harder. Plus, it provides top-notch insulation . If you want to save money on your heating bills, wood is a great alternative to brick, concrete, or stone.

Fast construction and big savings

Building a house with wood is much faster than with other materials. In addition, it can be continued in harsh weather conditions, such as heavy rain, snow and frost. Moreover, wood is a material that is easy to work with. Therefore, it allows for modifications during and after construction. In contrast, remodeling a property with insulated concrete can be cumbersome, costly, and time-consuming.

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