Ideas for pansies on the balcony – get inspired!

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Ideas for pansies on the balcony – get inspired!

Pansies are graceful biennial plants that are perfect not only in garden beds but also on terraces and balconies. Their diversity of color is stunning and means that they can match any style of balcony.

Pansies are actually garden violets. They are not too demanding and bloom for a long time, so they are especially recommended for people who are just beginning their adventure with gardening.

A handful of inspiration

Pansies will look great placed in an oblong trough attached to a balustrade. The more, the better rule will also work here.

If you like multi-colored compositions, combine pansies of different sizes and colors in one larger pot and enjoy a fever of colors at your fingertips!

Go for a natural style and place your plants in wooden boxes or clay pots. They will catch the eye and will beautifully harmonize with the neutral shade of the covers.

Don’t be afraid to pair them with other flowers! Pansies go great with forget-me-nots, verbena or carnations. Let the magic of color and diversity convince you.

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