Birthday decorations – host a party for a toddler!

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Birthday decorations – host a party for a toddler!

Decorations for children’s birthdays should, above all, raise a smile on the faces of toddlers

Before planning the birthday decorations, it is advisable to decide in advance in what kind of character the party will be held. If you already have precise plans about the style of the birthday party, you can choose many interesting accessories for the children’s party, which will delight all the youngest guests.

Light and girly – beautiful decorations for the little girl

Decorations for a birthday party for a girl should be a reference to her passions and interests. Most of the birthday girls will be crazy about unicorn motives. It is hard for adults to admit that they also love them.

You can create a real unicorn-themed ball – cute balloons in the shape of this mythical animal will delight you with their multitude of colors, as well as cute cards on a peak with this motif, with which you can decorate the sweet table, with cupcakes and other snacks. They will also be a wonderful complement to a girly birthday cake

Above the table you can hang multicolored and metallic rosettes made of paper and garland, also decorated with these cute creatures. Pink helium balloons floating from the ceiling wonderfully complement the colorful decor. On the snack table also can not miss the girly accents. Tulle or paper pompoms placed between food platters and plates will be the icing on the cake of birthday decorations.

The most fashionable birthday decoration motifs for a boy

Of course, there is no shortage of boys who love princess or unicorn themes. However, most prefer decorations with superheroes. The most fashionable accents are those with Spiderman, Dog Patrol, Avengers, Dragon Ball, Pokemon or Naruto. Boys also love soccer, so balloons in the shape of balls and a tablecloth resembling a football field turf is a hit.

Boys pay less attention to decor details, but they will definitely appreciate the overall look of the room where their birthday party is held. Paper plates with their favorite characters, a themed cake and colorful balloons are sure to make this celebration memorable. The themed decor should go hand in hand with various games and activities for kids with similar themes. Boys can play ball or watch their favorite cartoon after eating the cake.

Decorations for birthdays for children should be selected mainly due to the interests of the birthday boy and girl. It is worth to ask before the celebration, what kind of decorations would be suitable and what they like the most, to match the birthday decorations.

Garlands, balloons, decorations – birthday in style

Before heading to the store, it’s a good idea to make a list beforehand so that you can buy the birthday decorations, ornaments and gadgets you actually need. Some of them are not worth overpaying for, but many of them will save you some cleaning up and may be useful for your little one’s next birthday.

Beforehand, it is worth buying such decorations for the birthday, such as:

  • colorful paper plates and cups – not only will they save us the washing up, but most importantly they will make the children feel the atmosphere of the birthday party. You can choose the ones that will match the rest of the decor;
  • oilclothor paper tablecloth – we know how children can get dirty, so in order not to stress about the mess, choose a decorative oilcloth or disposable tablecloth. It will protect the table top from damage, and at the same time you will avoid washing its material version;
  • helium-filled balloons – balloons are an inseparable element of the birthday party, in stores with decorations you can also find versions with a number, indicating the age of the jubilarian, but also name or fairy-tale motifs;
  • garlands – these are also loved by adults, fortunately they can also be purchased in the children’s version, hung over the table or along the length of the room, they create an amazing atmosphere
  • props for photos – photos are a great souvenir for many years, with the use of funny props they will be even more charming. What is important, you can leave them for another party or give them to your guests as a souvenir;
  • small gifts for guests – sweet gifts for small guests are also very cute, these can be personalized boxes of chocolates or fortune cookies.
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