Interior Designers: Get Ahead of the Curve with SEO Services

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Interior Designers: Get Ahead of the Curve with SEO Services

How can your interior design business benefit from search engine optimization services? If you think it’s all about making your website easily found by people looking for you, you’re right in the sense that this is one of the ways you can use SEO services to help your business. But it’s only the tip of the iceberg!


Step 1: Crawl your competition

If you want to get ahead of your competition, you need to know what they’re doing. A great way to do that is to crawl their websites using a tool like Screaming Frog. Before crawling, it’s best to set up an exclusion list so that you don’t miss anything important on your competitors’ sites, such as images or flash files. You can also export the data in a CSV file, allowing you to save all URLs on one document for future reference.


Step 2: List your Keywords

If you want to get ahead of your competition, start by listing out keywords that are relevant to your business. Include terms related to your services, location, and target market. Once you have a good list, start incorporating these keywords into your website content, social media posts, and email marketing campaigns. If you do it right, your potential customers will be able to find you easily online – and that can mean more business for you!


Step 3: Learn About Rich Snippets

If you’re not using rich snippets, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to stand out in the search results. Rich snippets are special markup that allows you to control what information appears under your listing in the search results. They can be included in a website’s meta description and title tags, allowing your content to pop up first when people search for relevant terms. They can also appear as a map, video thumbnail or recipe ingredients. A great way to start is by filling out Google’s structured data testing tool for different types of structured data markup.


Step 4: Stay up-to-date with Google’s Algorithm Changes

As an interior designer, you need to know how Google’s algorithms can affect your website’s ranking. By keeping up-to-date with these changes, you can ensure that your website is as visible as possible to potential clients. Here are a few tips on how to stay up-to-date: 

1) Follow the Google Webmaster Central blog 

2) Use Google Alerts 

3) Monitor your traffic and analytics


Step 5: Use Blogging as a Marketing Tool

Start with Quebec SEO company if you want to get ahead of the curve. By providing high-quality content regularly, you’ll be able to attract more leads and customers to your business. Plus, blogging is a great way to show off your expertise and build trust with potential clients. Today’s best interior designers use blogs as marketing tools because they are cost-effective, easy to maintain, and help establish themselves as experts in their field. They can also generate an audience for future services by offering tips and tutorials that readers can use to improve their own homes.


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