The most fashionable wallpaper patterns

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The most fashionable wallpaper patterns

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In the past, wall murals were associated only with the view of the beach, palm trees and the setting sun. They decorated travel agencies, shops and rooms for occasional parties, but who would have thought to have such a decoration at home … Nowadays, however, wall murals are breaking popularity records, and all thanks to the richness of motifs and colors, which are simply delightful. A properly selected wallpaper can be a real gem in an interior arrangement. And what wallpaper patterns are the most interesting?

3d wall murals

New York? Paris? A bridge among the mists? Wall murals depicting a place are one of the most-used motifs. They are characterized not only by exceptional decorativeness and the fact that they allow you to introduce a bit of a different world into the interior, but also a very interesting function. Wall murals depicting roads, bridges or tunnels are perfect for optically enlarging interiors. They can be used as decorations for recesses or even for doors, and then a small room will immediately seem a bit larger. Such treatments are extremely popular, and at the same time wallpapers look very original.

When it comes to other 3d wall murals, abstractions that give a three-dimensional effect are also very popular. They can create a unique optical impression, realistic enough that you have to touch the wall to find out that it is “only” a wallpaper, not an architectural structure.

Forest wall murals

Looking at modern arrangements, you can easily find bedrooms, where the wall behind the bed is decorated with foggy forest murals. This is one of the most frequently chosen motifs – romantic, a bit mystical, elegant, and at the same time closer to nature, in short – combining everything that is currently expected from a stylish, attractive arrangement.

Macro shots of flowers are no less popular. Huge freesias or roses, in light, pastel colors, are also very eagerly chosen both for bedrooms and even rooms for children or teenagers. It is not surprising, they are elegant and romantic, and at the same time they simply attract attention with their originality of motifs. This is definitely not the same as “floral wallpaper”, which not everyone associates well.

A properly selected wall mural is a perfect decoration for a minimalist interior, as well as in a vintage or boho style. A huge selection means that everyone can find something suitable to give a new character to their interior and decorate it in an original way.

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