Fiber optic cable or coaxial cable?

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Fiber optic cable or coaxial cable?

Among the telecommunications technologies in use today, fiber optics and coaxial cables are the most commonly used data transmission medium. There are many discussions on the Web about which of them is better to choose. See what are the advantages and disadvantages of both solutions.

What will provide a faster connection?

Coaxial cable can connect up to hundreds of people, and a larger number of users does not affect the speed of data transmission. In the case of optical fiber , on the other hand, there are certain limitations – one link can connect up to 64 people, and the more people using the link at the same time, the worse the speed of the connection.

What is more resistant to interference?

Fiber optic cable is characterized by excellent resistance to radio interference, or moisture. Moreover, it is able to transmit large amounts of data over long distances. Coaxial cable does not have similar resistance, and because of its high attenuation, is best suited for short distances

The choice between the two options depends on the conditions in which we want to use the link and installation possibilities.

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