Review of the most interesting bathroom finishing ideas

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Review of the most interesting bathroom finishing ideas

Today’s bathrooms are increasingly often from a place where we just take care of our hygiene, turn into an exclusive bath rooms, which allow you to experience blissful relaxation in the comfort of your own four walls, as in a spa. If you are about to renovate your bathroom, this is the perfect place for you. Here we have gathered six of the most interesting ideas for finishing a modern bathroom.

In colors of desert sand

This type of arrangement is perfect for small bathrooms, whose size significantly limits their possibilities. Thanks to light colors of sand interiors will be optically enlarged, and the whole will look extremely coherent. It is worth betting mainly on wall and floor tiles made of stoneware with stone structure in light, beige color and add cabinets of similar color. However, when it comes to fittings, it is best to bet on classic white, which will perfectly compose with these colors and create a clear, stylish effect.

Raw, concrete interior

Concrete is one of the most popular materials in recent times, so it’s no wonder that it’s also increasingly popular in bathrooms. However, the interior covered with gray tiles should be warmed up with accessories in the form of wooden elements, such as shelves, towel hangers, cups and other accessories. Such an arrangement will be perfect for bathrooms equipped with shower cabins. This is because the texture and color of architectural concrete will perfectly highlight the glass surfaces.

In the rhythm of nature

If you are a lover of natural elements in interiors, this bathroom finishing idea will surely appeal to you. This is because its beauty is based on wooden elements, which can be oiled flooring, perfect for interiors where there is a lot of humidity. In addition, wood is such a graceful material that it can be matched with all kinds of bathroom fittings, regardless of their color or form. Such an arrangement additionally fits perfectly into the eco trend, which is why it is recommended especially in passive or log houses.

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Bathroom in retro style

Dark high-gloss tiles, gold details like towel rails or faucets and tiles on the walls decorated with geometric patterns. This is a recipe for bath room in retro style. This is where trendy free-standing bathtubs will find their perfect place, allowing you to immerse in them and soothe your senses after a hard day. Retro style also loves mirrors, so you can successfully put in it more than one model.

Stone on the wall

Stone is another of the bathroom theme ideas. Marble countertops or those imitating marble. Floors and walls covered with glazed stoneware or stone elements will create a cozy and unique atmosphere in bathrooms. This type of material is best combined with dark-colored wood or metal covered with black color, with which it will create a coherent arrangement. By additionally illuminating the walls made of stone with flush-mounted spots, you can achieve an even more impressive interior, where every beauty treatment will soothe the senses.

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In sea colors

Is there a more appropriate place to finish in marine colors than the bathroom? In our opinion, no. Depending on the idea and the size of the bathroom, you can bet on this color, for example, only on one of the walls, laying on it contrasting tiles to the rest, which will become a stylish accent. Keep in mind that the marine color will blend perfectly with white and all shades of beige, which together will create a modern bathroom. You can also smuggle marine colors into the interior in the form of textiles or bath accessories.

Nowadays, the number of ideas for finishing bathrooms is countless. And it is only up to the bathroom users what kind of finish they decide on. However, it is worth remembering that each arrangement should be, above all, functional and comfortable in everyday use so that bathing or using the toilet is not an unpleasant necessity, but a pleasant experience every day.

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