What to use to break up white walls and furniture? 6 tricks

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What to use to break up white walls and furniture? 6 tricks

White walls and furniture have been present in Polish homes for years. No wonder – it is a timeless solution and fits virtually any style. You don’t need to be an expert in interior design to get an aesthetic effect. Do you want to break white walls and furniture? Check out our tricks.

Break white walls and furniture with gold

Recently gold accessories have appeared in interiors and not only in glamour style. It is a great idea to break white walls and furniture. Bet on this color when you will choose standing or hanging lamp. It’s the details that count – the leg, the shade, the light bulb. Try using the same shade for a coffee table, a table tray or a flower pot. When you’re out of ideas, simply stock up on gold-colored home accessories.

Gold also often appears on fabrics, such as geometric stripes on rugs or pillows. You can also make the accessories yourself, for example by printing out artwork with a golden hue and placing it in frames above the sofa.

Carpet and cushions as color accents

You don’t have to install a new lamp shade or mirror on the wall – just opt for fabrics in a contrasting color. You can easily replace your cushions or rug, not to mention the fact that the covers can reflect the current season.

Break out the white furniture and walls with a boho vibe

Boho accessories can’t be missing from the trend. These make the interior cozier and warmer. That is why white furniture and walls should be broken with bamboo lamps, natural fabrics and wood.

Wallpaper to break the white

White walls in the living room look great right next to decorative wallpaper. This one can have really different motifs and patterns – here it all depends on your vision for the room. You can bet on decorative brick, flowers or geometric shapes.

An armchair in the center of attention

White walls and furniture are of course a safe solution, you don’t have to worry about elements not matching each other. But if you put an armchair in a different color, then your interior will gain a stylish character. Yellow, orange, pink, navy blue or maybe bottle green? Remember that it is worth introducing this shade in other accessories as well.

Dark floor for white furniture and walls

Light panels for white furniture and walls is a universal solution. However, it is worth considering a dark accent, such as walnut.

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