Fall cleaning at home – get ready for the long evenings!

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Fall cleaning at home – get ready for the long evenings!

A great way to spend the long, cold and dreary autumn evenings in a productive way is by cleaning. Keeping your home properly clean will not only improve its appearance, but will also have a positive impact on your psyche. Scientists have long confirmed that disorder has a very negative impact on mood and well-being, so it is worth using this time of year for a thorough cleaning of the house

Where to start with general cleaning?

It is best to establish a plan of action at the beginning and divide the responsibilities. It is very important to clean each room step by step, because creating a mess, which is one of the elements of cleaning, can discourage further work. In the beginning, it is best to choose the dirtiest room, because then we have the greatest motivation to work. It is advisable to plan the cleaning carefully. For example, one day you can wash windows, another wipe dust, and the next wash floors. Such phased cleaning is much easier and more pleasant.

Let the autumn cleaningbegin !

Clean room by room

When tidying up your home in the autumn, it’s a good idea to divide the chores into different rooms, as this will speed up the work. In addition, it’s much easier to get other members of the household involved

Autumn cleaning in the kitchen

This is one of the most important rooms in the entire house. You should pay special attention to it. Contact of food with contaminants can make it harmful, so this area of our house should shine clean. It is mandatory to wipe off all dust above the cabinets, as dust mites from those regions can fall on the lower cabinets. At least three times a year, you should move away all the furniture and the refrigerator and clean the waste from that region of the kitchen. It is very important to thoroughly wash the center of the cabinets, the refrigerator and all countertops. The best way to do this is to thoroughly disinfect these surfaces, such as with a self-made disinfectant. When cleaning the kitchen, pay attention to the detergents used so that they do not come into contact with food

Living room – autumn cleaning

This room is a showcase of the entire house, so it is important that it is always clean and fragrant. When cleaning, remember to change and wash curtains, drapes and pillowcases for decorative pillows. Wooden furniture is best cleaned with a special lotion or spray, which will make the dust settle less on these surfaces. Also remember to thoroughly clean the areas under and behind all the furniture in the living room.

Bedroom – Cleaning in the autumn

Bedroom cleanliness is very important because we breathe in dust mites and bacteria in a dirty bedroom. Additionally, cleanliness of this room makes it easier to fall asleep, improves sleep comfort and makes our mood better. In the bedroom you should remember to change bedding, curtains regularly and clean especially under the bed and over the cupboards, because that is where most dust accumulates.

Autumn Cleaning in the House – Bathroom

To clean the bathroom, it is best to get gloves, because a thorough washing of this room requires the use of detergents, which are harmful in direct contact with the skin. In the bathroom, always remember about the area behind the washing machine and the toilet. This is where most dust accumulates. Remember to thoroughly wash the toilet seat, including its flapper, for example with a disinfectant. The bathroom is a major source of bacteria, so it is important to clean it regularly

Recipes for household cleaning products

  1. Disinfectant

To make this remedy, it is best to use 95% or 96% spirit, available in most stores. The spirit can be diluted with water in a ratio of 5:2. This will give you a disinfectant with a concentration of about 70%. It is strong enough to kill bacteria and viruses and can be used in the kitchen. Its contact with food is not harmful.

  1. Tile cleaner

To make your own tile cleaner you will need vinegar or baking soda. Make a mixture of vinegar and water in a ratio of 1:4 or soda and water in a ratio of 4 teaspoons per 4 liters. Such agents are great for removing grease and any dirt.

Autumn cleaning is a great idea for a productive use of free time, especially in the evenings. Although cleaning is usually associated with boredom, it can become quite enjoyable if you make this time pleasant with your favorite music. A clean environment improves your mood and reduces the effects of the autumn blues.

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