Stripes on the wall – how to paint them to be fashionable?

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Stripes on the wall – how to paint them to be fashionable?

If you want to change your interior, a great idea may be to paint your walls with stripes. This original decoration can give a completely new character to your rooms. See how to paint a striped wall to make it look impressive and fashionable.

Painting your walls with stripes can be the perfect solution if you are looking for a way to give your room a new look. It is a decoration that can fit perfectly into classic, modern, glamour interiors, as well as children’s rooms. The whole art lies in the right choice of colors.

What colors to choose to paint a striped wall?

The choice of colors should depend on the style in which we want to decorate the room, as well as its purpose. For example, a child’s room will look charming in white stripes combined with a delicate pink or blue, or a bright, lilac shade of purple. Pastel colors in combination with white will also be a great solution for the bedroom

Especially fashionable recently, the wall in gray and white stripes is the perfect solution for a modern living room decorated in bright colors. Such a set of colors will look great with a gray or white sofa set and light furniture. Grey and white stripes can also work well in the bedroom

If you want to decorate the walls in a living room decorated in a classic style, it may be a good idea to add gold stripes. Elegant wooden furniture, both in light and in darker tones of brown, will look great against the background of a wall with golden stripes.

A combination of at least three colors may look interesting – but here we have to be careful. Wrong choice of colors may cause kitschy effect. A safe solution in such case is to choose one color in different tones, e.g. white as a base plus two shades of beige – dark and light. An interesting effect may also be obtained by combining different shades of blue or navy blue.

Vertical or horizontal stripes?

When choosing the orientation of the stripes on the wall, take into account the proportions of the interior, its shape, any flaws that could be concealed and aesthetics – look at ready-made designs and simply try to decide which solution you like better. Painting a wall with vertical stripes will make the interior seem taller. Horizontal strip es, on the other hand, widen the interior optically – so they work well in narrow rooms.

How to paint a striped wall to achieve a great effect?

The most popular way to decorate the wall with stripes is to paint them in regular intervals and of moderate width. Very narrow stripes can overwhelm and create an unpleasant optical impression. Too wide, on the other hand, will divide the room and make us lose the coherence of the composition. An interesting solution is to paint regular stripes with two colors and add a third, narrower one, as an outline between them.

Having decided on decorative stripes in gold color, we can get a wonderful effect if we place them in wider intervals and in different numbers. A dark wall with thin gold stripes of seemingly irregular distribution will look great in an elegant living room.

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