What can you make from cork? DIY home decoration

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What can you make from cork? DIY home decoration

Self-made decorations allow you to create a unique atmosphere in your home. To make them, sometimes enough inconspicuous objects such as wine corks. It gives many possibilities.

Every DIY enthusiast should think twice before throwing something in the garbage can. Many things lend themselves to being revisited and used in creative ways. You can make unusual accessories out of them and decorate your home in an original way. One of such objects is certainly a wine cork. Instead of getting rid of leftover bottles of your favorite beverage, it is better to meticulously put away each of them. In this way you will gather a really large collection, which you can successfully use for your home creation

It is worth remembering that the corks were in good condition, because damaged will not be of any use. The effect of works can really surprise. Such accessories will allow you to enrich the interior, add freshness to it, and also delight the household members and inspire guests.

Ideas for accessories

Candle holder

A wine cork is a great way to give a seemingly ordinary object in your home a new and unusual character. The first accessory that can be given a new aesthetic by using corks is a candle holder

To make it, you will need two glass dishes of different sizes, so that when you put one of them inside the other, there is a free space between them. It is this space that is filled with collected wine corks. This does not have to be done in a regular way, the items just need to be dropped into the vessel. The warm light of a candle penetrating between the elements will create a very interesting effect and will add coziness to the interior.

Drink coaster

Cork can also be used as a material for making original coasters for drinks. By connecting corks lying horizontally together, you can create useful accessories out of them. For example, a classic square framed in a frame will look good

Alternatively, you can cut individual corks into smaller round discs and glue them together to achieve your desired shape. The coasters can be of different sizes and can be both round and honeycomb or even heart shaped. We are only limited here by our imagination.


A very stylish effect, which will perfectly complement the interior in boho style, gives a wall frame made of cork. Its interior can take photos, of course. The material, which is cork, also allows you to attach to it any objects, for example, important notes or even jewelry. In this way, an original organizer will be created

The opposite method is to buy an ordinary frame and fill it with any shape created with cork, for example, initials or a heart.

Mirror frame

An unforgettable effect can also be achieved by framing a mirror hanging on the wall with cork. It is best if it is round. The individual cork pieces can be arranged in such a way that they resemble sun rays. Let the lines be of different lengths – once shorter and once longer.

This is a very simple, quick and effective solution, which will fit into arrangements where a rustic atmosphere reigns, complemented by natural accessories.

Cork on the wall

Cork is used not only for making small decorations and gadgets. Some people go a step further and decorate their walls with it. Lining the entire surface with small objects seems problematic, so if someone really cares, he can use for this purpose special cork plates, which are larger in size. Such a wall not only looks aesthetically pleasing, but also fulfills various practical functions. It is ecological, durable and resistant to moisture.

This type of plate also allows for many creative solutions. You can cut out of it any shape, such as circles or hexagons, which will allow you to weave the wall with so-called honeycombs. A great idea for travelers is to stick a printout of a world map onto the cork backing, where they can highlight the places they’ve visited with pins or place photos from their vacation.

Main photo: Kirill Shavlo/unsplash.com

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