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Shaker style – what makes it different?

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Shaker style has stolen the hearts of many people decorating their four corners of the house some time ago. No wonder, after all it fits perfectly into the current trends. It is, above all, simplicity, beauty and functionalism, whose advantages cannot be undermined


Sheikh style interiors, especially kitchens, refer to nature and earth colors. Most of the objects and furniture here are made of wood, maintaining its natural, warm shade. The space is bright and tidy, with no room for unnecessary trinkets. All this makes the interior cozy and harmonious. Minimalism, simplicity and geometry reign here.


In any interior, lighting plays a key role. Sheikh style is dominated by simple forms, large, old-fashioned light bulbs, metal lampshades or candlestick sconces, which will perfectly harmonize with raw interiors. According to unwritten rules, lighting must be practical and functional, just like the whole interior.

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