Organizing the workspace in your home office

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Organizing the workspace in your home office

Current times require us to change our approach to work. Many people have to organize it from home. Remote work is not much different from the one we do in the office, but the environment in which we will do it is very important. Let’s find out how to organize the perfect remote work space at home.

Organizing the space for remote work

In order for the work we do at home to be effective, it is important that we do it in a place that is not combined with a space for rest, but also is not for example a child’s room. In small apartments it is quite difficult, but such space can be arranged in the living room or bedroom. It is not worth working in a place where, for example, we sleep. Most people choose simple solutions, i.e. a portable table, which can be placed over their knees while sitting on the bed

This can be a good way to work remotely if you are unwell, but on a daily basis it is not worth it. Separating the sleeping area and the working area is very important. This way we will have a chance to focus better and perform our tasks more efficiently. It is also important to remember that working remotely requires us to show up to, for example, online meetings that take place via video conferencing. A bed headrest in the background will not look favorable. So it is better for our co-workers to see that we are sitting at a desk

In an apartment, we cannot always set up a large desk. The solution will be a small folding desk that can accommodate a laptop, a notebook and a cup of coffee. An office chair or a chair from the dining room can slightly replace the office atmosphere. If we have the possibility, we can work at the dining room table. It’s worth checking what kind of background we’ll be sitting on, so that in case of a videoconference with e.g. our boss, we don’t have to look for a new place

Of course, while working, our concentration and comfort is important. Our replacement desk cannot be located in the passage between rooms or in the hallway, where there is a line of communication and many people will pass by. To create a small office, a small desk will be enough, which we will place against the wall, in the corner of the living room. To make our work more efficient and a bit easier, it’s worth separating ourselves from the rest of the household members as much as possible. Sitting on a shared couch and working while the rest of the family is watching a movie is not a good idea. Placing a desk where you have access to fresh air and natural light can help improve your well-being.

How to organize work at home?

Remote working is quite difficult to organize without a plan and without informing your household about the nature of our work. It is necessary to determine the hours in which we must fit in in order to complete all of our work tasks. Additionally, try not to get distracted by other problems. Although it is difficult, leave household chores for later. Remember to take breaks for bathroom time and coffee or a snack. Remember to keep your breaks short

To maintain some discipline, set an alarm clock to end your breaks at the appropriate time. Don’t be afraid to ask your co-workers to help you with your daily tasks. When working remotely, we have a lot of tasks to do and we are not able to do household chores during that time

It is very important to divide our time so that our household chores do not interfere with our professional work. We can also talk about it with our supervisor, who should know all the adversities. Taking care of a small child can be quite problematic. The time when the child sleeps or is under the care of a close person, should be spent on effective work. It may turn out that an hour well spent at home is worth more than three or four hours we would spend at work.

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