Interesting alternatives to bathroom rugs

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Interesting alternatives to bathroom rugs

The bathroom rug, at least in its classic version, is not the best option. There are at least several reasons for this, and one thing is certain: you are looking for a convenient replacement that can make walking on cold bathroom tiles more pleasant. What instead of a rug? Here are a few suggestions.

Why do we feel the need to put something on the bathroom floor?

In a way, this need is a consequence of our practical approach to decorating the bathroom. As we know, in this room there is moisture and bad conditions for laying wood and most panels on the floor. So we definitely choose floor tiles most often. Bigger, smaller, quite huge, classic or wood-like – they all have several features in common. First of all, they are resistant to physical trauma and moisture, but they are also very cold. This is where the career of the bathroom rug begins , which is optionally sometimes replaced by other products. In addition to defending against the cold, the rug’s additional job is to absorb the moisture we leave behind when we get out of the shower or bathtub

Why isn’t a bathroom rug a good idea?

A classic bathroom rug, especially the so-called puffy one, can be pleasant to the touch for our feet. It can also be quite aesthetic, especially at the beginning of use, although this is rather a subjective evaluation. First of all, however, it collects moisture and is a potential habitat for harmful microorganisms and unpleasant smells. The alternative is not to lay a towel on the floor, which after a short time behaves the same way

Inexpensive and effective foam bathroom mat

It happens that cheap and simple ways are the best . One of them is the foam bathroom mat, which we can buy by the meter in the store or online. Of course, it is available in many different designs and colors. Its advantage is that it has excellent anti-slip properties, which cannot be overestimated when it comes to bathrooms. It is made of foamed PVC, so it is not an ecological product, but it is very pleasant to walk on. The open-cell foam also absorbs water and can be easily washed in a washing machine, which translates into both functionality and long-term use

Cork mat for the bathroom

We will pay more for a cork mat than for its counterpart made of PVC, but it still won’t be a substantial cost. This product is, above all, natural and ecological, but this does not diminish its functionality in difficult bathroom conditions. It is great for slippery or rough surfaces. It is flexible and retains heat, but also shows resistance to moisture, does not create favorable conditions for the growth of mold and fungus. It is easy to clean with water and mild detergents. Sometimes a protective varnish is applied to it

Bamboo mat for the bathroom – comfort and elegance

Another natural material for a rug for the bathroom is bamboo. What are the main advantages of such a mat? First of all, it will fit perfectly into the ecological trend, which also affects the preferences for bathroom decor. At the same time, it is more expensive, but is characterized by an original and very aesthetic appearance. It is also successfully used in saunas and wherever you want to refer to the Asian style. It is also obvious that it is largely resistant to the effects of moisture. A well-made bamboo mat will be able to serve us for a long time

Bathroom mat made of teak wood

A high-end product, almost exclusive in this category. They are produced from fragments of teak tree, an exotic plant that has very good properties in terms of resistance to moisture. Fashionable, unusual and beautiful – such a mat will be a wonderful decoration of the bathroom at a high level

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