How to protect your home from fire?

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How to protect your home from fire?

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During the ongoing heating season, our apartments and houses are at much greater risk of fire. That’s why it’s a good idea to take extra care to follow safety rules and properly secure your property. Find out how exactly you can protect your house or apartment from fire.

Fire safety is extremely important, especially during the heating season when the threat of fire in your home or apartment is much higher. Find out how you can protect yourself against such an eventuality

Smoke detectors – a simple fire safety device

One of the most effective solutions for protecting your home or apartment against fire are smoke detectors. Thanks to them the alarm system will be able to sense smoke and warn you against it. Such detectors should be absolutely necessary in houses equipped with a gas installation or a fireplace.

This is a solution that will allow you to evacuate quickly and notify the fire department early. Usually smoke or carbon monoxide detectors alert about the threat by means of acoustic and optical signals. A great advantage, which may additionally encourage for deciding on a smoke detector at home, is easy installation and relatively low price of this type of equipment.

Fire extinguisher as a necessary home equipment

It is also very important that in each house was at least one fire extinguisher. However, which one to choose? To protect your premises the best will be an extinguisher type ABC, which is designed to extinguish fires of solids, liquids and gases. It is also worth investing in a type F extinguisher, which is designed to extinguish fires of fats and oils – this will be a great solution for the kitchen. Remember also to place the extinguisher in an easily accessible place that every householder knows

Make sure the heating, electricity and gas supply are in good working order

A large proportion of fires in houses and apartments are caused by faulty heating, gas or electricity installations. You can avoid this if you regularly check the condition of your installations. First of all, you should pay attention to the proper installation of each system. To do so, hire a professional to ensure proper and safe installation. This will also significantly increase the safety of subsequent operation

Periodic inspections are also invaluable. Remember that gas installations and chimney ducts should be checked at least once a year. It is also very important to check heating appliances such as stoves and fireplaces – especially before the heating season when these devices are working at full capacity. Also, don’t forget that you should always use a professional when deciding on such an inspection

Non-combustible building materials

Using non-combustible building materials can also be a way to protect your home from fire. By doing so, you will be able to minimize the risk of fire and its consequences. So what materials should you choose? An ideal example is certainly rock wool, which even if a fire is ignited will not spread it, giving you much more time to evacuate and notify the fire department of the danger.

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