Cheap and tasteful kitchen countertops

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Cheap and tasteful kitchen countertops

Kitchen countertops, along with the cabinets on which they are mounted, are responsible for the proper character of the kitchen. Not only do they provide a work surface during the preparation of food, but they also decorate the interior. Wanting to get the best effect in the kitchen, however, you do not have to spend thousands of zlotys on a marble finish. Materials presented below will allow you to make tasteful kitchen countertops, which will change the interior for little money.

Laminated kitchen worktops

Laminated kitchen worktops are one of the cheapest options that allow you to arrange the kitchen interior in a tasteful way. Their prices start from as little as 50 PLN per square meter. They are usually made of chipboard on which layers of paper (laminate) are applied. The last, top layer is a freely chosen pattern. The advantage of laminated countertops, except the low price, which makes them so popular, is also the possibility of choosing almost any pattern. On the market you can find laminated kitchen worktops imitating the surface of wood or stone, which look as effective as the original material. However, it should be remembered that laminated surfaces, due to their construction, are not resistant to scratches or moisture, so they are not durable. However, their cost allows you to replace them every few years, giving the opportunity to rearrange the kitchen interior.

Impressive, natural wood countertops

Despite appearances, kitchen countertops, made of natural wood can also be counted among one of the cheaper solutions. Their price oscillates within the limits of 150 to 250 zlotys per square meter, if they are not made of exotic wood species. Most of the wooden countertops are created by gluing particular pieces of wood together, thanks to which their surface does not deform. Wooden kitchen countertops in addition to their price have another advantage, they can be renovated when their surface becomes significantly damaged. Besides, they look very impressive in interiors, especially if they are decorated in a rustic style. Kitchen wooden countertops are usually made of such species of trees as: pine, ash, oak, or beech. Depending on the species chosen, they feature different colors and durability.

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Industrial metal countertops – perfect for a modern kitchen

Metal countertops are usually made of acid-resistant steel or aluminum. They are characterized by a shiny and resistant to high temperatures and moisture surface. Their universal color allows them to fit into most kitchen arrangements, however they look best in those maintained in industrial style. An additional advantage of metal countertops is that they are easy to clean. The price of this type of surface varies, depending on the chosen material from which it is to be made, within the range of 150 to 450 zlotys per square meter.

What the price of kitchen countertops depends on

The prices of kitchen countertops on the market can vary from a few dozen zlotys per square meter to even a few thousand. However, not only the material from which they are made, affects how much we will have to pay for a given type of countertop. Very often the models with an interesting, unusual pattern will also be characterized by a higher price than their “common” counterparts. This is due to the fact that their production requires more commitment and time.

Valuing the installation of new countertops in the kitchen, you should also not forget that very often manufacturers add additional costs for cutting holes for the sink or other kitchen equipment, so it is worth to ask about this before ordering. It is also worth remembering that the installation of kitchen countertops requires additional accessories and elements, such as finishing strips, mounting brackets and others, which also affect the final, general price of countertop installation.

In conclusion, cheap countertops do not have to be characterized by low quality and ineffective appearance at all. On the contrary, you only need to choose the right materials from which they will be made to enjoy a stylish and fashionable kitchen for a long time.

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