Arrange a place for barbecue and relaxation in the garden!

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Arrange a place for barbecue and relaxation in the garden!

When the weather finally permits barbecues and you are dreaming of sunshine and quiet relaxation, it will also be time to arrange a space in the garden that will allow you to take full advantage of the warm weather.

It will be a good idea to arrange your garden so that it is not only functional, but also conducive to feasting together by the fire or barbecue. Check how to turn your garden into a great meeting place.

What to keep in mind when arranging a barbecue area?

When arranging a barbecue in the garden is very important to determine its location. Not everywhere can be placed barbecue, because the smoke from it can damage the facade. The site should be at least 4-5 meters away from the residential building, for safety reasons

In addition, you should take into account whether there are flammable materials, trees or shrubs standing near the barbecue. It is best to choose a place that can accommodate both the grill and a possible gazebo or chairs and table. There should be enough space around the barbecue to place garden furniture. However, they should be at a certain distance from the place where you light the fire. After all, safety and your comfort are most important so that the smoke does not irritate your eyes. Make a gap of about 2-3 meters between the grill and the relaxation area.

The choice of the surface for the barbecue and garden furniture is also important. The lawn is not always perfectly mowed and the soil may be wet after previous rainfall. So make sure your relaxation area and barbecue is accessible without getting your shoes wet. A good way to do this is to create stone paths that you can lay yourself. Their appearance is extremely natural and very original. The irregular stones blend in beautifully with the lawn and complete the look of your garden. Flowerbeds are also easier to arrange around them.

In addition to the path to the resting place, it is also important to make a more solid surface for the grill and garden furniture so that their legs do not sink into the soil. You can use paving stones or patio slabs for this. However, we advise you to refrain from installing it on your own – you will need a soil compactor and a suitable concrete layer for paving blocks.

Choosing the right grill

The barbecue is an essential part of your relaxation area in the garden. After all, it’s what you’ll be cooking your favorite foods on. The most common choice is a portable grill that you can hide under the shelter when the weather is not suitable for grilling. It’s small and handy, but if you don’t have a gazebo or garage space to store it during the winter, it may only last a season. The metal legs and casing will corrode when exposed to the weather

You may also want to consider a stone grill. A brick one is much more expensive, but it will serve for many years. It is resistant to moisture and inclement weather. It can also serve as a smokehouse and storage for fuel. Brick or paving stones will be suitable for its construction. With a rustic style, those that imitate raw stone are ideal.

Choice of garden furniture

A very important element of the garden relaxation corner is the garden furniture. Chairs and tables made of technorattan will be perfect. It is weather resistant and blends wonderfully with modern and minimalist gardens. It can be easily cleaned with a pressure washer or wiped with a damp cloth

Well-impregnated wooden garden furniture will also be suitable. Make sure to give them the right finish and add extras like cushions and soft seats. A garden set with adjustable loungers will make relaxing in the garden a wonderful event for you and your guests. To make it feel like a vacation, you can also think about fabric deck chairs that you can easily fold up in the garage or gazebo in case of inclement weather.

Above your garden furniture, it’s also a good idea to make a frame with a sunshade sail. It does not require building large structures. The sail is light and can be rolled up by yourself. It perfectly protects from the sun and can be unfolded both over the seats and the pool.

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