Line art - dekoracja wnętrz
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Line art in interiors – modern decorations

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Delicacy, femininity, subtlety, beauty and minimalism – these are the characteristics of the recently more and more fashionable trend for line art in the interiors. Today we will tell you what it is and give you a handful of inspirations which you can bring to your interiors in the form of modern and effective, yet simple decorations.

What is line art?

Line art is a graphic design based on the contour. It usually shows elements of the body, especially female body, and emphasizes their beauty. Its frugal form fits perfectly into minimalist interiors and gives them an artistic touch


Posters in line art style are very popular lately. Usually on a white or other light background there is an outline of a body or just its element by means of an outline. We can also meet beautiful floral motifs. It’s a simple yet chic addition that adds character and an avant-garde touch to the interior


We can also meet small sculptures made mostly of wire in black color, which give an amazing three-dimensional effect. They look wonderful on a plain, bright sheet of color, being a modern decoration in an artistic spirit

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