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What is the difference between technorattan and rattan?

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Finally the sun and beautiful weather have arrived to our country, and as a result we are more and more willing to spend time in gardens, on balconies and terraces, which often involves the purchase of garden furniture. Some of the most popular are those made of rattan and technorattan. What are the differences and is it worth investing in them?


Rattan furniture is made of natural rotund palm vines, which grow fast and their cutting does not adversely affect the environment. It is a flexible and durable material resistant to heat, moisture and mechanical damage. Chairs and armchairs made of natural rattan are light, aesthetic and functional. Unfortunately, the material is not resistant to frost, so it is not recommended to winter it outside


This is a modern, synthetic counterpart also called synthetic rattan. It is even more resistant to changes in climate and weather conditions including low temperatures and frost, so it can be wintered outside. It also does not require additional maintenance. Polyethylene, from which it is made, can be recycled. The furniture made with its use in unchanged condition should serve us from about 10 to 15 years.

Unfortunately, furniture made of rattan and technorattan is not among the cheapest, but in comparison with their plastic counterparts, it is distinguished by impeccable aesthetics and durability, which unquestionably speaks in their favor, the more so that they are much safer for the environment.

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