Jak zrobić kubek z napisem samodzielnie?
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How to make an inscription mug by yourself?

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You can make a mug with an inscription for yourself, as well as give it to someone as a gift on a chosen occasion. See how to make such a mug.

Making a hand-decorated mug is not difficult – you just need a few utensils and some creativity!

To make a mug with an inscription you need:

  • a mug, of course
  • pencil
  • a printout of the inscription of your choice
  • adhesive tape
  • china marker


Step 1

Paint the other side of the prepared printout with a pencil.

Step 2

Tape the sheet of paper to the mug so that the painted side sticks to the mug.

Step 3

Using a pencil, correct the outlines of the inscription by pressing the pencil against the mug. The outline of the inscription should be reflected in this way on the surface of the mug.

Step 4

Now it is enough to precisely correct the inscription reflected on the mug with an indelible pen. You can also add any decorative elements.

Step 5

Bake the prepared mug in the oven according to the recommendations of a given producer of porcelain pens. Most manufacturers recommend baking the decorated dish for about 20-25 minutes at about 160 degrees.

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