Spring window decorations – clever ideas

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Spring window decorations – clever ideas

Spring cleaning is not only about arranging clothes in the closet or hiding warm jackets in the storage room. To feel the climate of warm days, it is also worth decorating the house for the arrival of spring.

There are many interesting inspirations for spring window decorations that will add some color to any room. Here are some of them.

Upcycled decorations

New window decorations are a bit expensive, but they also put an extra strain on the environment. If you care about ecology, you can make some very interesting spring window decorations yourself, which will also be very cheap.

A decorative watering can instead of a flower pot

The ideal way is to use old objects. Their renewal will not take much time and the effect can be electrifying! On the windowsill instead of ceramic pots will look great vintage style metal watering can. Just look for such an ornament at the antique market or browse the Internet. Many people sell such antiques for little money. The way of decorating it is free, so your flower pot will certainly be surprising and original

At first, you need to wipe off the remains of old paint with sandpaper. When the surface becomes smooth, start painting it with enamel or spray paint. Choose a paint that suits the material you are painting, and make sure the pot is free of old paint residue before you do so

A wide-mouthed watering can will work well as a substitute for the flower pot. It is a good idea to apply chalkboard paint to part of it. This makes it easy to sign the plant you are growing. Watering cans with narrow openings will be a great alternative to vases.

Flowerbeds made from balls

If you are bored with the recently fashionable macramé flowerbeds, you can use other materials that are sure to enhance the look of your window perfectly. A very interesting way to decorate your window in spring are suspended flower containers made from an old ball. It should be cleaned and washed, getting rid of dirt or mud residue. Once the ball is clean, cut it so that a wide hole is created. Try to cut it at the seams so that the work is not too tedious.

Fill the center with newspaper so you can put a pot inside or fill it with soil. Start painting the ball by applying an all-purpose primer to its surface – spray it, holding the container about 25 cm away from the ball. If you don’t want the whole ball to be covered with paint, stick some paper tape on the chosen elements. After waiting several minutes for the primer to dry, spray the ball with a permanent spray in the color of your choice. Currently, a very fashionable shade is gold and silver.

Use a hole punch to make two holes on either side of the ball and thread long strings of the color of your choice through them. This flowerbed is perfect for the kitchen, for example. Hanging on the curtain rod looks great as a spring window decoration.

Spring window decorations from old light bulbs

At home you will probably also find old incandescent light bulbs that you can use to make window decorations. Spring window decorations using them look really cute. To start with, all you need to do is unscrew the threaded stem, along with the burnt out filament and the leg. In place of the stem, wrap the string and glue it on with super glue or other strong glue. Leave a little bit of string spare so you can hang it on a curtain rod

Put some pebbles or expanded clay inside the bulb. In it you will plant entanglements – small plants that do not require frequent watering. The expanded clay will make the plants thrive wonderfully even if there is little moisture.

Other ways to create interesting spring window decorations

Spring windows look great with light and airy curtains and curtain dividers, made of batiste, linen, or cretonne. Opt for cheerful motifs with butterflies, vibrant colors and interesting trims, with frills or tassels. Such a small addition will certainly add a lot of joy to the interior and will make you feel like in a flower garden, even though the weather is not very favorable.

It’s also a good idea to decorate flower pots with planting decorations. Homemade wooden signs with the names of the flowers or cardboard decorations with butterflies and bunnies will add a lot of color and originality to a room.

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