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How to shade a greenhouse during hot weather?

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Currently in our country for good settled heat. Every greenhouse owner knows that not all vegetables need high temperatures and full sunshine to vegetate properly. How do you shade a greenhouse and ensure optimum conditions for the plants inside?


This is an old and proven method which will allow you to shade your greenhouse effectively with a small investment. All you need to do is buy painter’s chalk which, when mixed with water and sprayed from the inside of the walls and roof, will provide adequate shading. What is more, after the season you only need to rinse them with water.


Another way is to shade the interior with pieces of agro-textile or old curtains. The re-use of the material makes it an ecological solution in accordance with the principles of recycling. Of course, you can also shade the greenhouse with special shade nets, which you can buy at the garden store. There are 3 colors available: brown, green and black and different variants, as well as degrees of shading.

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