How to design the entrance to your home? Design ideas

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How to design the entrance to your home? Design ideas

It’s hard to imagine a new and beautiful home without a grand, stylish entrance. Why is it so important?

After all, it is in the direction of the entrance that the eyes of our guests are always directed, and we also go through the entrance area many times every day. How to arrange it? Here are some important issues.

Entrance as a showcase of the house

The entrance zone is not only a place in the elevation where the outer door is located, but the whole route from the gate to the door. This part of our property must be arranged in an interesting and aesthetic way so that it encourages us and our guests to enter. However, it also needs to be functional, so easy to clean and maintain. Of course, it must also create a harmonious whole with the rest of the house. So it is worth thinking about its arrangement in advance.

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What is worth paying attention to?

The appearance of the entrance to the house consists of a number of factors that visually shape the space. These include:

The shape of the stairs and steps

What matters is their layout, shape and location in relation to the front wall. Even the color matters quite a bit. There’s also an emphasis on making sure the steps are designed to be safe, comfortable and allow for ergonomic overruns. It is recommended that for a single-family home, steps should be 18 cm high and 27 cm wide

Porch or veranda

Porch or veranda not only can have a very interesting appearance matching the style in which the entire house was built, but also has an important practical role. It will shield the door from the rain, but also the wind and cold, which can be very unpleasant for the household members. You can also accommodate here a cabinet for kennels or set aside some space for cleaning utensils or necessary garden tools. So, it is worth it to make this piece of architecture a little more spacious than the absolute minimum could require.

The appearance of the path to the house

As a rule, it is advised that the entrance to the house is not located too close to the gate. This way it can be admired from the right perspective. The path itself should be clearly demarcated and visible. On the market you will find a whole range of products that can be used to light it. You can use mains powered lighting, but solar lamps are becoming more and more popular. Nowadays you can buy them in various sizes, shapes and with different power.

You need to take care not only to make it hardened, but also to protect it from overgrowing of weeds. It must also be adequately illuminated so that you can safely walk from the house to the gate at any time. You can also use solar lights with a motion sensor, which will save you money.

Fashionable types of entrances to the house. Which one to choose?

What specific types of home entrances do we have to choose from? Which ones will suit ours?

A rustic entrance

It can look good not only for typical country houses. Very often on the roof of a rustic porch is a red tile, and on the walls are bricks or decorative stone. It is important that the materials refer to the natural. It is also important that the doors are properly selected and preferably made of wood

Suspended ceiling and glass porch

Modern buildings should also have impressive entrances. Glass and suspended ceiling above the entrance can give an interesting industrial effect.

Low staircase entrance with lush vegetation

The spaces on either side of the door are valuable space that can be developed to create an entrance with lush vegetation. Low terraces or rockeries will give this project liveliness and will definitely be eye-catching

Entrance with a small wooden canopy

This kind of small structures and types of roofing are very effective in reviving a bit too clumsy blocks of older buildings – even those from the 80s and 90s. In addition, we get protection from wind, rain and cold.

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