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How to measure windows correctly?

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Proper window measurement is one of the most important things we need to do when planning to buy new windows. Height and width of the window opening are not enough! In this article you will learn how to measure correctly.

Are you replacing windows for new ones? Are you planning to buy them for your newly built house? Properly selected dimensions of the windows will be one of the important factors determining their functionality. It is very important to properly measure the window opening before the purchase. Additionally knowing the exact dimension will allow you to recalculate the cost of buying windows using online calculators for pricing. See how to properly perform the measurement.

How to measure the windows correctly?

Performing window measurement is not at all an obvious task. If you want to do it yourself and avoid mistakes, you will need some knowledge. Incorrectly measuring your windows can cause problems with their installation, difficulties with anchoring in the wall and with the joint grout, and will negatively affect their tightness

Measuring the width of the window

Start by measuring the width of your windows. To do this, measure the width of the window opening in several places (at least three) – the dimensions may vary slightly. Choose the one with the smallest value and subtract 3 cm from it – this is what you will need as assembly slack, 1.5 cm on the right and 1.5 cm on the left for positioning and foaming the window. The result obtained will be the width of the window you specify in your order

Measuring the height of the window

Next, move on to measuring the height of your windows. We assume here that the project of your house will include standard windows with a sill – the correct measurements for other solutions are described below. Measure the height of the opening in several places. Choose the smallest dimension and subtract 5 cm from it – 3 cm for the sill strip and 2 cm for the mounting clearance. The result obtained will be the height of the window, which you give in your order.

Measuring the height of the window without the sill

Measure the height of the window opening in several places. Choose the smallest measurement and subtract from it 2 cm needed for installation clearance.

Measuring the height of floor-length windows

In case of high windows reaching the floor, as well as balcony doors, the measurement is performed as follows: measure the height of the window opening in several places and again select the smallest value. From this we subtract 2 cm for the installation clearance. In addition, however, we must take into account the construction of the floor – depending on the project, its height may vary. We have to subtract the height of the floor from the total height of the window.

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